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The Healing Prayers Circle

is free and available for everyone

If anyone needs help, simply send us an e-mail with their name/s, their country and details of what they are experiencing and we will send it out to the Healing Prayers Circle.

They will receive healing, love and prayers from hundreds of people all around the world.

Amazing things happen through the power of healing prayers.

This is a non-denominational group, it welcomes people from all beliefs and faiths.

We accept requests for all sentient Beings whoever and whatever they are.

Inspired by one of her Elders, Elly founded the international Healing Prayers Circle in 2000. This web of light has steadily grown year by year around the world and now has hundreds of members creating a grid of healing light around the planet.

Would you like to join our Healing Prayers Circle?

When healing requests are sent to us, we send the details to all those in the Circle. The Circle then sends distant healing, love and prayers. Some like to do a candle dedication, (it doesn’t matter what you do as long as loving, healing, thoughts are sent out for the names that come through), some simply send good thoughts and intentions to those in need, some set aside time for Distance Healing or other forms of energy healing, some do full ritual and ceremony work. Circle members also put the names in their Healing Books, forward the names to other healers (and Medicine people) that they know, and bring the names to the Healing Centres and Groups that they know and are affiliated to. These little pinpoints of healing light are linked globally and the power of the prayers of this Circle has been tremendous.

Members of the Healing Prayers Circle come from all walks of life and have the same goal; to care for All Our Relations. (We are so grateful to all of you for your caring).

The E-mails are sent b.c.c. to the Healing Prayers Circle, so that the mail address of each member remains confidential.

E-mail us if you would like to be a part of this circle — you are very much needed.

Please head your email: “Healing Prayers Circle”.

If you have a Healing request for anyone, please head your e-mail “Healing Prayers Please”.


Caring for All Our Relations