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The Healing Garden

This is a healing garden full of medicinal herbs, plants, trees and flowers. 

Anytime you need to find sanctuary or just need a quiet few minutes, step through the old wooden gate in the wall that surrounds and protects the garden. 

The only thing we ask is that as you walk through the gate you connect and give thanks to the Earth Mother and the Green and Growing.

Take your time and have a wander around, smell the different fragrances on the air, watch the little critters flitting from plant to plant and feel the soft breeze on your face. 

It's quiet here and no-one will disturb you.

Here you can study the Green Kingdom and learn about its medicine.

There's a special bench here, near the little pond with its sparkling fountain. Sit down a while and let your thoughts drift.

Let the gentle sound of the water wash away all worries from your mind.

You can feel warmth from the soft grassy earth underneath your feet.

The sun is keeping you warm and you feel safe here.

You can hear the insects and little critters going about their day.

You become aware of a warm, loving energy emanating from the Mother Goddess statue that is near you.

Close your eyes again, and allow Her to fill you with Her love.

The Great Mother loves you and wants you to know that you are not alone. That She is aware of everything that happens to you, Her precious child. She asks that you call upon Her more often so that She may help you in whatever way She can.

You are surrounded by colour and healing light in so many different hues.

The place is alive with beautiful vibration and you contentedly soak it all up, feeling it being drawn into your aura and filtering through to every cell.

Little sprites, flower fairies and plant Devas are abundant here, bringing you messages on many subtle levels.

The sound of a windchime starts to bring you back. Once again you become aware of sitting on the bench by the little pond and you can once more hear the sound of the fountain.

The breeze has become a little cooler, and you know it is time for you to head back.

Sit up and have a good stretch and have a last look around before you head back down the path and out through the wooden gate in the wall. (Please be sure to close the gate behind you).

The Healing Garden is here for you anytime you need it.

Come back soon.

Healing Blessings to you.

My dream is to make The Healing Garden happen.

A sanctuary where those in need can come when they

need peace, calm, respite and natural healing by Nature.

It is my dearest heart's desire for it to be my legacy.

We are currently looking for the right place

and investigating funding ideas. If you have any

suggestions, please do let us know.