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We are always so grateful to receive feedback from our customers and clients.

This enables us to continue to improve so that we can bring you the best

products and services possible.

We have thousands of testimonials; a short selection is featured here for each of the different categories/pages we have on this site :-

PRODUCTS: Essences and Sprays Mists -- Herbal

SERVICES: Feng Shui -- Soul Essence Therapy (TM)

“Elly is a really neat person who shares with the world her knowledge of herbs, tinctures, etc. thru her work dream called The APOTHECARY GARDEN.

Elly, you are such a "gem" in the universe”.

- Mary Thunder, Texas, USA (Peace Elder and Author of “Thunder’s Grace”)

“Elly is the Therapist’s Therapist, she has an uncanny knack of being able to get straight to the heart of whatever is going on. She sees the bigger picture and is able to translate that into practical, useful information for her professional clients.”

– Vanessa Westwell, UK (Author/Poet/Life Coach)

"So wise and light filled. I love Elly and all her magical blessings, she's the real thing."

– Alyssa Couture, USA (Artist)



from TW, England

“I was really sceptical whether these essences would work or not. I took them and lay there thinking they are not going to work. When I next opened my eyes it was morning, I had slept through a whole night, I felt so calm and relaxed”.


from JT, England

“Fantastic! The best night’s sleep I have had in years.”


from MD, Scotland

“My Dad does not sleep very well and wanders around the house at night which wakes all of us up. I didn’t think this would work but he was asleep within ten minutes of taking it! We all had a good night, thanks very much”.


From: AW, England, UK

“I am very hyperactive and have a mind that never stops, this essence is the only thing that enables me to relax enough to sleep. Thank goodness for Sleep Easy!”



from, RJ, Llantrisant, Wales, UK

“As soon as I took the essence, within minutes I started to feel calmer, it has been a challenging day with the hospital arguing over my due date which is imminent. The spray mist really helped me to feel at ease”.


[The client, who is in her 30’s was expecting her first child and having a home birth. She delivered a healthy happy 6½ lb baby boy after a labour which lasted only 1½ hours! The midwife used the essence throughout and followed the instructions for topical application which were supplied with the essence; she also enjoyed the spray mist and really got into it, spraying it around the room. The midwife said “I have never felt so relaxed during a delivery, it must be the essences!” The new mother is convinced that doing all the things she did, such as using the essences, is the reason it was such a good birth.]


From TC, England, UK

“The detailed information supplied with the essence for application during birth was really helpful. The midwife was more than happy to follow the instructions and actually was very interested in it all! Thanks.”


From Cea Vuilliamy, Owner

“I had some really positive feedback from a woman who bought one of your ‘Birthing Buddy’ spray mists from me recently - she absolutely loved it, as did her midwife and she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at home in just 5 hours, which she feels had everything to do with the sense of calm brought by the essence spray”.


From JC, Sussex, England, UK

“The exhaustion after the birth started to become depression, so I started taking the ‘Baby Bliss’ essence. Within days my mood started to lift, I am convinced that taking this essence every day helped me not to get the baby blues. Now six months later, we are both on top form. Many thanks.”


[The client is a therapist, aged 40, who was expecting her first child. As a therapist she had planned a natural birth supported by many holistic tools. It was a shock therefore when she had to be rushed into hospital for an emergency caesarean. She lost a lot of blood and was very tired for weeks. I visited her when the baby was six months old, and was delighted to see that they were both in fabulous health and very happy.]


From CV, Wales, UK

“I was certainly pretty wobbly after my son’s difficult birth, I took this lovely essence daily and felt that it really helped me to get back on an even keel again”. 



From: CV, Wales, UK

“This is fantastic! It smells lovely and has a wonderful effect. Whenever the baby is fractious or upset, I find that this spray mist helps him to settle quickly – I can’t recommend it enough”.


From AC, England, UK

“My son seemed unsettled for the first few weeks after we brought him home. I used the ‘Baby Bliss’ spray mist and he absolutely loves it! I use it at night and he settles right down and has a good sleep. I am now on my second bottle!”


From: FC, England, UK

“My friend received the Baby Bliss essence and spray mist this morning (thank you again for going out of your way to get these to her so quickly) she was over the moon with them. She says she feels surrounded with love at the moment and feels she has turned a corner”.

(My Client’s friend had just had her second baby and was suffering with depression, she said she felt like “she was a stranger in her own body” and was being very hard on herself, she was in a really dark place and desperate for help. We were glad to be a part of that help).



From Aiirini Sűld, Estonia, Europe

Your essences are such a blessing!!!!! The Baby Bliss Kit keeps impressing us, with its support I have managed to bring my emotional curves to a more stable vibration (not banging from one extreme into another anymore) and it immediately reflects on the whole family, the spray comes handy when my son gets fussy. The flow of our family as a whole has definitely become smoother, there's more hope and freshness! We are loving your essences! With bright regards, Ariini and family.


From: Janet Dedman, EFT and EmoTrance Practitioner, England, UK

“Thank you for sending it so quickly. I’ve already used it on myself and it works brilliantly! Perfect timing”.

“e.r.”(Essence Rescue)

From: AW, London, England

“This is without doubt the best Rescue formula I have taken! The others do not seem to have any effect sometimes, particularly if I am really feeling stressed or worried. Yours however does exactly what it says it does. I instantly feel grounded and settled and start feeling better within minutes, no home should be without it!”


From: JC, England, UK

“This really helps at the moment. I am on my third bottle and would not be without it, as it really has helped me through some very difficult times. Thanks.”


From: OA, Kent, England, UK

“This essence has really helped me to turn a corner and continues to support me. Many thanks”.



From: Mr. TJ, Australia

“Many thanks for the lovely essences. I have now turned a corner where I am meeting people who are interested in me rather than what I have or can do, and it is such a treat for my heart. I now have 3 ladies who are interested in me and more who want to see me, your essences seem to be working overtime! I will let you know how it all goes”.



From: OA, England, UK

“This essence has helped me to resolve a difficult part of my life, I am doing really well now. Thank you so much.”



From: Mrs GA, England, UK

"I have never felt so free, I hadn't realised that I was still being held back by something that happened to me when I was a child. It was extraordinary to feel it leaving my body. It was as if a dark, black cloud lifted that I hadn't even realised was there. I am in my 60's and feel like I have been reborn. I am simply amazed at how someething so simple from Nature can have such a profound effect. I am so grateful. Thank you."



From Grandmother Mary Thunder, Texas, USA(Native American Peace Elder & Traditional Grandmother, Author, Teacher)


We have used the essence called “Water Blessings” in both our Woman's Dances here at the ranch and our one in Virginia. After the dance, the water was taken by Karla, proprietress of the Center of Consciousness, where she poured the blessed water into the area of the meeting place of two rivers...the Shenandoah and the Potomac River, these rivers flow right into Washington DC. The sisters made many prayers for our leaders & any thoughts of war. Elly, Thank You for being a part of our ceremony. (Just think your blessings came over the big waters and we sent the energy back over the big waters!) Thanks Elly for helping us Make a Difference!” Love Thunder.



From VS, Reading, England.

“Really works! Now my son uses it himself when he wakes up in the night if he has bad dreams”.


From LF, Ascot, England

“My daughter came up to me yesterday and said ‘Mummy, we need more Angels!’, her bottle had run out and she wanted more. She absolutely loves it and uses it herself whenever she feels she needs to.”



From: Janet Dedman, England, UK (Clinical Nutritionist, Kinesiologist, EFT/EmoTrance Tutor)

“I adore Blanket of Love - it gives me a lovely comforting and cosy feeling - just like a hug.”


From: SS, Texas, USA

“I’ve been having a tough time lately; this is just what I need. I use it before I go into work – especially if I have meetings that are likely to be difficult and then again at the end of the day.”


From ID, Wales, UK

“I used it on holiday to make sure the girls did not end up arguing. My grand-daughter reminded me every morning to spray her with the ‘magic spray’ before we went out. It was a great success.”



From CM, (Therapist) Cardiff, Wales.

“I have back-to-back clients and work in several clinics; I find this spray invaluable for clearing my couch, room and aura before each client. It saves so much of my energy”.


From KL, London, England.

“My eldest was ill at home with a severe stomach bug. I had visitors staying and none of us wanted to go down with it. I kept using the spray on all of us and the rooms the child was in. She was over it in 3 days and none of us went down with it”.


From: SS, Wales, UK

“I have been using this spray for years and would not be without it! I use it for myself, my home and in my clinic. Invaluable!”



From: Eileen Weklar, Feng Shui Designs and Solutions, USA

“Thank you so very much for the beautiful Feng Shui essence - very clearing and transforming. This spray mist is a beautiful and effective way to facilitate change in consciousness when used with visualization, meditation, prayer or a ritual like space clearing”.


From: HL, FS Consultant, UK.

“The client could feel the difference immediately when I used this spray to finish off my session in her room. She insisted on keeping it and I had to order another one for my practice!”


MENO-EASE Spray Mist

From: Mrs. WPL, London, England

“Fabulous! It’s the only thing I’ve used that makes me feel better. I cannot be without it at the moment. I love to spray it all around me then turn around in the droplets, so that I get it from all sides!”


The PROTECTOR spray mist

From: JJ, England, UK

“Thank you for this beautiful protective spray mist. I have tried so many but this one seems to have reached the parts that all those others cannot! Thank you Elly, for creating it.”


From: ML, Wales, UK

“Lovely! I sprayed it once and felt a great surge of energy, clear head and loads of power, as if I was 20 again and knew I could do anything!”


From: AC, England, UK

“This is just right, just what I need at the moment, it protects me when I am feeling low.”



From: Airiini Sűld, Estonia

“Spring Blessings makes you wanna dance, love it :))))))!"

The VIOLET FLAME spray mist

From: Colin Whitby, Editor/owner

“Thanks so much for the Violet Flame. Interestingly, I have invoked the violet flame many times and have felt the vibration very strongly, but when I used the mist I was just blown away with the intensity of the energy, it really makes a difference, so clear and pure”.


Travel Formulas

from Felicity Prudence, (Healer and Sensitive) Surrey, England, UK

"Several years ago I nearly died from malaria. I still travel quite a lot as I accompany my partner on business. I dread the return journey, as I feel so ill upon my return to the UK, the flying seems to set off all the malaria symptoms again and it takes me days before I feel well and back to full fitness. Until that is, I took some Grassdancer essences with me, a personalised Travel Formula was put together for me. Incredibly, I never experienced the illness I had done in the past upon my return to the UK. The symptoms have never occurred since then either (and I have travelled several times). The Travel essences have certainly helped to clear and heal whatever it was. What a relief, I now enjoy travelling and no longer dread the next trip!”



From: Lynne Goodenough, Wales, UK

“Thank you for this, it is really nice to use. You can smell it through the night which helped me to sleep. I also used it in the bath (as you recommended) and put my head under, which was very helpful as I have the shingles on my eyes and head, and my hair smelt lovely afterwards! It all healed really quickly”.



From: Rita Jelenski, (Author) London, England

“I have been massaging it in (when I remember and am not too tired) before I go to sleep. It smells fab which is a bonus. Many thanks.”

From: WA (Therapist), England, UK

“My nephew’s scars are fading incredibly well! Thank you.”



From: Mr. GPY, Wales, UK

“I have suffered with Athlete’s Foot all of my life, I followed the instructions and couldn’t believe that it had cleared up within three days!”



From: Mr. WP Leahy, London, England

“Brilliant. I carry the oil in my pocket and sniff it regularly during the day. It brings instant relief and is easily at hand. My hay fever has got worse since I’ve got older, but these products really help. The fact that they are drug free and chemical free is a huge bonus! Many thanks.”



From: Mrs L Jones, Wales, UK

“I got a rash on my wrist after gardening but don’t know which plant I got it from. I kept scratching it as it was so itchy, it started getting infected and looked awful. A couple of weeks later I heard about this oil and tried it. As soon as I put it on, the itching stopped immediately. Within days the rash had gone and my skin had healed. This should be in every Gardener’s kit!”



“You offer such a brilliant and caring service.” – A. Chandler, UK


“Thank you so much Elly you're a life saver!” – SR, UK


“At last, it has all fallen into place. Our deepest wish has been answered, our children have finally arrived! Over the last 3 months – everything seemed to fall into place with no effort at all, so it is obviously meant to be. Thank you for the Feng Shui tips & other advice. I think once I followed what you were telling me that’s when things really started to happen. Thanks again for all your help.

-- JC, UK


"When I went to Elly I had great ideas and potential which just didn’t seem to be blossoming. We did some work together and within a couple of months I had developed my business, set up some much needed forums and then won an award! (Company Women of the Year Award ‘Against All Odds’ with EFT Elly continues to provide clear advice that is easy to implement and definitely brings results". -- Marie Holliday, Spain (


"Your advice worked more or less straight away, thank you. I did what you advised me to do for my husband to find work on Thursday evening. By Friday afternoon he'd had 3 phone calls offering him work! How good is that. One of the jobs could turn out to be for a whole year, so that’s really great. Thank you so much. -- Sue and hubby Ali, England, UK



“Wow, Elly, thank you so much for this, it is very spooky and uncanny in places!!!!!!!!

I have read and re-read this document, and it provides a source of inspiration and grounding for me, it couldn't have come at a better time. I am so very grateful Elly, I cannot tell you, I feel that I need to address some issues, and I think this will help me to do so (and I amazed at what you picked up about my middle names!).

Thank you, thank you.” -- From: FC, England, UK


"Incredible insights, mind blowing session and definitely a lot of food for thought not to mention some homework required! Thanks for a powerful session." -- NT, England, UK