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GRASSDANCER Vibrational Essences

Welcome to the shop for GRASSDANCER SPRAY MISTS

Products are listed in alphabetical order

Established since 1999, GRASSDANCER have over 300 products in their range which have been sold worldwide. Here you can purchase the top 100/most popular ones. If you can't find your favourite essence/product, please contact us and we will organise this for you.


GRASSDANCER products are handmade with a great deal of love. They are completely natural, and made with as many organic ingredients as possible. Full information and instructions are supplied with each product.


The GRASSDANCER range includes:-


ANGEL essences - Pregnancy, BIRTH and Post-Natal essences, Ceremonial essences, CHILDREN's essences, Dance essences, FAIRY essences, FENG SHUI essences, FLOWER essences, GEM essences, GODDESS essences, ENERGY Essences, ENVIRONMENTAL essences, LOVE essences, PET essences, SHAMANIC essences, TEENS essences, URBAN essences, WOMEN's essences.

The THERAPISTs KIT - The HAPPY HOUSE KIt and other Kits

Special Collections (Total Eclipse of the Sun, Harmonic Concordance etc)


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SPRAY MISTS £18.50 + p&p

All spray mists are 50ml (unless stated otherwise) and are presented in coloured glass bottles with natural atomiser spray mist and clear cap. They contain named energies and essential oils held in a solution of water with a small amount of alcohol (vodka) as a preservative. They can be used in the aura as well as your environment. Each product comes with an information slip.


Fill your environment with wonderful abundance attraction energy!

This specially created blend will enhance your environment (and aura/energy field) enabling it to become more receptive to abundance energy, help you to remain aligned to the Law of Attraction in a positive way. 

The essential oils in it are uplifting, centreing, grounding and fill your energy field and environment with fragrant abundant energy. Can be used as an aura androom/environment spray.

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ANGELS of JOY  Our Best Seller for children

Useful in children’s bedrooms for help with nightmares. Joyful.

Use this delightful spray mist to bring joy into a room, to cheer yourself or others up. Very useful in children’s bedrooms for help with nightmares, spray towards the ceiling and around their bed to bring in the Angelic friends who will make your child/ren feel safe once more.

Inspiredby a group of beautiful tropical orchids. These flowers look like tiny little Angels in yellow dresses, a whole host of them sliding joyfully down their slender green vines towards us.

Using this spray will invoke the energy of these tiny joyful Angels. The atmosphere will lighten and everyone involved will feel lighter, happier and the mood becomes infectious. 


This wonderful spray mist is especially useful for Earth Sensitives and those particularly sensitive to energies. Its specially created blend has been designed to help you during fluctuating energy hits which can cause turbulence in your energy field/aura. This can make you feel dizzy, out of sorts and unable to concentrate. These energy peaks and troughs can also affect everyone in your home including your pets.

This spray mist is powerful and works quickly to help you feel more steady and balanced.

The essential oils in it are gently supportive, grounding and fill your energy field and environment with fragrant balanced energy.


This lovely Spray Mist brings you support during the change of season

Autumn Woman helps you to let go, to release what needs to be shed before the coming Winter moons. Some people feel sad at Summer's end as if their freedom is being curtailed.

Autumn Woman helps you to accept the changes in your life and gives you the energy to go outside and play in the leaves.  

This Spray Mist is uplifting, grounding and supportive. It helps you to enjoy where you are right now. Full of natural, organic ingredients (including our 'Red Leaves' vibrational essence) this original, unique Spray Mist is your ideal Autumn companion. 


Helps baby get used to being here, integrates any birth trauma, settles baby at night, very gentle.

This lovely gentle Spray Mist fills the room and baby’s environment with calm and reassurance. It contains a collection of vibrational essences that will help your baby to settle into being here. It is reassuring and balancing, and is particularly helpful for settling any birth trauma. It welcomes these new little ones and helps them to adapt to their new environment.

Part of our Baby Bliss Kit - see KITS page for further info.


Specifically designed for women in labour, calming, reassuring, keeps you focused, midwives love it!


This lovely spray mist fills the room and your environment with calm and reassurance; this in turn filters through to all those present in the room.

This spray mist has been specifically designed for women in labour. Whilst so much is happening on the physical level, it will help to keep things calm and focused on the emotional and mental levels, encouraging a fully wholistic experience.

Part of our Birthing Buddy Kit - see KITS page for further info.



Provides a loving cocoon around you when you are feeling fearful or vulnerable.

This lovely gentle spray mist creates the right atmosphere to make life more loving. It helps to ease any tension and provides a safe, loving, cocoon.

Spray this into your aura if you are feeling vulnerable and you will have an invisible Blanket of Love around you all day.

Spray around your room, and over your bed – especially over your pillow - before sleep. You will be safe and cocooned in a Blanket of Love during your dreamtime.

It is lovely to use in the home as it fills your home with loving, reassuring, comforting energy.

Some feedback fromcustomers

“I’ve been having a tough time lately; this is just what I need. I use it before I go into work – especially if I have meetings that are likely to be difficult and then again at the end of the day.” SS, Texas, USA


“I used it on holiday to make sure the girls did not end up arguing. My granddaughter reminded me every morning to spray her with the ‘magic spray’ before we went out. It was a great success.” ID, Wales, UK


If the weather has been getting you down, or life has been getting you down, this lovely Spray mist will cheer you up!


It really lifts the atmosphere in your aura and/or your environment. It contains a selection of Essence from our range and our special Buttercup and Dandelion sunshine oils).


Bring the energy of celebration into your environment. Uplifts the senses. Good for home or office.


This lovely fragrant Spray Mist brings you the loving protection of the Angelic community.

It provides safety, strength, protection and masses of pure unconditional love.

Nothing can get to you when you are encircled by the wings of these beautiful Angels!


This Spray Mist creates safety and protection within environments, energy fields and auras. Useful to those doing Circle work as it protects and guards the integrity of the sacred space you are working with. 

The CLEANSER Our Best Seller!

For Environments/auras/energy fields.

Essential for Space clearing and Feng Shui

Use in Home/Office/Clinic/Practice

In the HOME: To prevent others around you from going down with any bugs that may be doing the rounds - particularly if your children have been ill; spray the room/areas the affected person has been using, also the aura/energy field of anyone who has come into contact with them and/or shares the same space, not forgetting yourself. This spray mist will cleanse and lift the atmosphere in every room.


Use this spray mist if you have been upset by a ‘phone call or something that has happened, it will immediately clear it from your energy field and environment so that your day doesn’t have to be ruined.

THERAPISTS: When working with others it is important to keep the space ‘clean’. Etheric residue and projections are a natural part of therapeutic work. Keep yourself, your couch and your room clear. You will maintain the lovely vibration of your space and avoid Therapist’s burnout!

This product is also part of our Therapists’ Kit - see KITS page for more info



Post-Op Formula for clearing trauma and anaesthetic residue

This wonderful Spray mist has been formulated with organic plants for those who have been in hospital and for those who have had anaesthetics. It is very cleansing, balancing, calming and healing and smells lovely.

Hospital visits (although sometimes necessary) can affect us in so many ways, the more sensitive you are the more your energy field will be affected.


This Spray Mist ensures that the effects of your experience are cleared from your energy field (from all the subtle bodies) so that your physical body can get on with the important job of healing. It is reassuring and will help you to integrate your experience.

Client Testimonial

"I have to go to hospital for regular treatment which always leaves me feeling awful afterwards. Elly's spray mist is the first thing I reach for when I get home, it is absolutely marvellous, and I would not be able to cope with my treatments if it weren't for this wonderful spray." -- Mrs J Climer, Wales, UK



Helps to clear the energy of racism and prejudice from environments.

The COMMUNITY Essence and Spray Mist teach us to live in peaceful community with those who are different. Change for the better can only happen when the fighting stops. These products help us to find creative ways to overcome obstacles and break through blocks/problems. Helps to heal relationship difficulties on all levels, and opens and expands the Heart Chakra so that love replaces fear. It brings all parts of us and our environment back into harmonious alignment. It provides safety and balance for those living in built up, overcrowded areas and helps with self esteem/self worth issues. It keeps you focused and enthusiastic and teaches us how to use the resources around us to make change and create abundance.


This lovely spray mist has been designed for when it’s time to hang on to your Cosmic Surfboard! It will enable you to ride the changes and extremes of energy, whilst carrying on your day-to- day life. The all natural ingredients bring you stabilization, grounding, fluidity and bring you back into alignment by adapting to your personal energy field.

This is what our Customers said aboutit:-

“I use this every day particularly when I can feel earth changes about to happen. When things feel wobbly and uncertain, I usually sink into a depression and am no good to anyone, but this spray helped me to feel lighter and to cope better. Yes, I’d say it really helps you to cope. Thank you.” – SS, USA


“I have been using this daily. It works very well when the energies are strong. I find that it calms all symptoms down allowing me to feel less sluggish and zombie-like. It gives me a little lift, and it’s like it washes away the outer yukky layer if that makes sense? I adore the smell of it, its blooming gorgeous! It really is effective, thank you.” – KB, UK

DANCE of the SUN and MOON

(from our TOTAL ECLIPSE of the SUN series)

This Spray Mist is extremely gentle. The integration of the above with the below, the spiritual with the physical is essential particularly during expansion periods, accelerated ascension and increased 'downloads'. Otherwise it can lead to all sorts of problems that then hinder you higher abilities. This Spray Mist helps to prevent jamming of any sort, allowing integration to happen at your own pace in a graceful, easy manner restoring you to perfect balance.

This Spray Mist also helps those who have been going through it a bit on their personal journey.

ESSENCE also available (for help on the inside).



Charge your Dreams and your energy. Gets you off your butt and manifesting your dreams.

DAY DREAM BELIEVER Essence and Spray Mist are just what you need when you are ready to get going on your dreams, they will support you all the way.


The Spray Mist will charge your aura and the atmosphere around you to create the ideal environment for you to work in when making your dreams a reality. It will boost and motivate you.


Are you ready for this? Or would you rather just keep talking endlessly about your dreams and what you want to do? Well, it is time to get out there and do it! Make those precious dreamscome true.


(The Essence boosts confidence and self esteem, and gives you the energy to get motivated and stay motivated. Visit our ESSENCES page for further info).



When you need something special, reach for your Fairy Drops. Helps children who areupset.

Dew drops painstakingly gathered by the Fairies at dawn, each one filled with a different gift. A complete flower in one drop, a whole universe in another, crystal clear clarity in one, pure silver in another and much, much more, have been gathered by the Fairies and put into this bottle just for you.


When you feel it is time you had a magical gift in your life – reach for the Fairy Drops!


This Spray Mist is useful for when children fall over and hurt themselves or have been upset by something. The fairies bring back the balance by bringing a special, invisible magical gift.


Use this spray mist at a party/gathering so that everyone can benefit. (When used like this, if you listen very carefully, you will hear the fairies laughing in delight!)


So when you need something special –reach for your Fairy Drops!


Busts you out of old patterns and habits into where you really want to be.

It puts you in touch with your inner strength and brings courage.

It will provide stability even when things seem overwhelming.

It will push you beyond the procrastination and lethargy that fear can also cause beyond feeling stuck.

This lovely spray mist helps you to move through fear so that you have the energy to dare to go for your dreams. Life becomes exciting instead of frightening, resistance becomes curiosity and procrastination becomes follow through.

So come on - bust through that fear - it's time to show the world the magnificence of who you are!



Good after placement work, balances the Chi, bringing peace, harmony and balance.

This lovely Spray Mist brings peace, harmony and balance to any environment. Particularly good after placement work as it balances the Chi. This blend incorporates all the necessary elemental energies as well as ancient oriental wisdom. It is the perfect finishing touch to your work. (Remember to use “The Cleanser” spray mist first for clearing).

It is also very good for instantly restoring harmony to your environment if anything unsettling or upsetting has occurred there. (Although, again, we would recommend that you clear any negative energies and vibrations first with ‘The Cleanser’)

Some Client Testimonials:

From: Eileen Weklar, Feng Shui Designsand Solutions, USA

“Thank you so very much for the beautiful Feng Shui essence - very clearing and transforming. This spray mist is a beautiful and effective way to facilitate change in consciousness when used with visualization, meditation, prayer or a ritual like space clearing”.


From: HL, FS Consultant, UK.

“The client could feel the difference immediately when I used this spray to finish off my session in her room. She insisted on keeping it and I had to order another one for my practice!”


From: SC, Interior Alignment Specialist,California, USA

“This spray definitely finishes the process, the effect is instantaneous, the client is happy, and we are all surrounded in this lovely fragrant energy.


This spray mist restores lightness to any Festive occasion.

The specially selected seasonal essential oils enhance the essences making it smell wonderful!

It invokes joy, fun and celebration.

It brings the energy of the magical child so that the grown-ups can have fun as well as the kids!

It reminds us to be full of wonder and awe at this sparkling time of year.

The house is clean, decorated and looks wonderfully festive. Everyone is dressed in their finery, the feast is organised and underway and you are just waiting for your guests to arrive. By this time the parents are exhausted and overstretched, the kids are over excited and over the top, and everyone is getting wound up. Sometimes the Holiday Season can be spoiled at just the point when everyone should be relaxing and enjoying themselves.

That is the time to get out this spray mist – a single spray in the centre of each room and hallway/s will restore balance to the whole house and call back in the happy, festive energies.

“I love this spray mist and would not be without it at this time of year – it works every time!” – Mrs. K. Leahy, London, England


“The pure natural ingredients are wonderful for my family as several of us suffer from asthma and can’t use synthetic sprays.” S. Salzman, NY, USA.


Enhances the energy of whatever you are starting. When confidence drops,immediately lifts it.

This spray mist is light and refreshing, and will keep your spirits raised.

Spray into your aura or environment to enhance the energy of whatever it is that you are starting. If something happens and your confidence drops, use this spray to immediately lift your vibration and keep you on track.


The lightness of this spray mist reminds us that fresh starts and new beginnings need not be heavy or difficult but can be light and joyful.


Each day we are given a new opportunity to start again, this spray mist will help you with whatever you are starting, whenever you need it.


(This spray mistcomplements our ‘New Beginnings’ essence).


Keeps your feet on the ground. Protective, powerful, grounding, gives instant vertical alignment.

This powerful Spray Mist has been created for those who need instant grounding. Powerful and grounding, it pulls you straight down into your sacral and base chakra. It gives instant verticalalignment.

This spray mist helps you to keep your feet on the ground. You need to be grounded in order to manifest your dreams. It puts you back into your boots and stops you going 'off', playing space cadet or being 'away with the fairies'!


There are times when life, people and events can knock us off balance causing us to feel ungrounded. This spray mist will sort you out instantly and ensure that you are safely grounded again.

From our TOTAL ECLIPSE of the SUN series of Essences - visit ESSENCES page for more info


For banishing the office blahs! Useful if there have been a lot of changes. Settles everyone again.

This lovely spray mist will help lift the energy and the ambience will become lighter.

If there have been a lot of management changes and/or physical changes to the working environment, this spray mist will help staff to cope with the changes and to settle into their new environment.

This spray lifts the spirit, helps concentration and brings a person-centred awareness into the work space. 

It will help with any unsettled feelings caused by changes. It has a bright, fresh, sunny feel to it which will cheer everyone up.


Made on the powerful Liongate portal day ( 8-8-8). Karma and infinity weave together our past, present and future. The 8’s are about balancing karma (and are also related to creativity). There are three 8’s, one for each time phase; past, present and future, and all are held within a circle, the Sacred Hoop of Life. The 8-8-8 harmonic is a vortex of pure energy which provides us with a Time Lock or Time Gate. Infinity Flower effortlessly weaves together our past, present and future moving us to a point of power, opening the Gate of Power guarded by Lion spirits that help you to claim I AM POWER – NOW. This will give you strength on your journey forward. Helps you to open up to receive Galactic downloads.

Use in your aura when you need to balance karma and heal your past, present and future. (This accompanies our 'Infinity Flower' essence).



Helps you to integrate recent experiences, i.e. workshops or other life changing events. Balancing.

This wonderful spray mist is full of good things from Mother Nature which help you to integrate recent experiences. The delicious fragrance will uplift your senses as the magical vibrational essences get to work.

Life offers us amazing experiences; however we need to integrate them in order to move on.

This spray mist is ideal for use after you have been in a group situation such as a workshop, it will help you to integrate what you have just experienced as well as grounding you, ensuring that you are fully balanced before going home.

(This product is ideal for workshop facilitators as it is a useful tool to ensure that all of your participants are fully ‘back’ before leaving the room).


Full of golden, Sun energy. Uplifting.  8-8-8 Personal Power and Strength. 

Made during the recent Lions Gate with the numerology vibration of 8-8-8. This Spray Mist helps to keep you in balance, keep you connected with your inner strength and helps you to use your power wisely and kindly.

Helpful for Leos and those with Leo prominent in their astrology charts.


For Lightworkers on the go.

Don’t leave home without it!

Instant cleansing and protecting.

This spray mist is for those who are particularly sensitive to energies. For those who are Lightworkers, Healers, Therapists, Energy Workers, Sensitives, etc.


The current time that we are in is one of accelerated change with energies that sometimes feel like a rollercoaster. For those who are sensitively aware, it can be pretty hard going at times. Affecting the physical, emotional and mental levels and can be quite draining.


The Lightworkers spray mist keeps your aura clear of anything that you might be picking up. It provides a shield of protection around the aura which lasts for a full day (unless you are in a particularly difficult environment in which case you may need to use it more often). The spray keeps the aura intactand prevents leaks and tears.

This spray mist is popular with Therapists who travel to see clients.



Rekindles romance, opens your to heart to love and invites passion in. Spray with care!

Do you need more love in your life?

Do you need more passion in your life?

Does your love life need more va voom?!

This fun spray mist creates the right atmosphere to make life move loving. Helps ease any tension. It can revitalise your love life, making life more loving, joyful, fun and passionate.

Can help to rekindle romance in your life.

Helps you to open your heart to loving feelings in an easy, fearless, fun, way.

Use as a room spray and fill your home and environment with loving vibes, and/or spray around your own energy field/aura and be a Love Ambassador!



For those times when you feel anything but!

One squirt and you will feel fabulous again.

This wonderful SprayMist is loved by Women of all ages!

It contains a collection of vibrational essences that will help you to feel absolutely wonderful no matter what is going on.

Whether you are feeling low, wobbly or downright fed up, just use this spray mist and lift yourself back up to the magnificence of who you truly are.


The Meno-Ease MAGNIFENCE! Spray Mist for those times when you feel anything but!


Especially helpful for menopausal & peri-menopausal women -

(From our Meno-Ease range of products for peri-menopausal and menopausal women).



Brings tranquil, calming energy. Restores peace to the room and its occupants. Light and gentle.

It helps restore peace to the room and its occupants.

It does what it says it does.



Ideal for Empaths and Sensitives

For those super-sensitive to what is going on in the world.


It helps you to cope by balancing and grounding your sensitivity.


You will know when you need this, when you feel:-

- Closed off and a bit shut down from everyone and everything.

- You are experiencing pain especially in your heart chakra.

- You have been thinking about the past (past relationships especially).

- Super-sensitive as if your heart can feel everybody’s pain.

- As if you cannot bear to witness the Earth Mother’s suffering any more.

- Sadness.

- Depression.

This Spray Mist will help you to reconnect to the great Cosmic Heart and be filled with love again. It will help you to feel strong and purposeful once more, the strength providing protection as you continue your journey to accomplish your mission this time on our planet. This wonderful heart energy will radiate throughout your entire Aura (as if liquid gold is flowing through it). You will find it easier to cope with everything that you are witness to. Your heart centredness will be so strong that it becomes effortless to love others unconditionally.

The PROTECTOR      Our No. 2 Best Seller!

Aura shield or door/environment shield. Therapists love to use this. Useful for mobile ‘phone users, offers protection.

This spray mist provides protection. It is gentle, reassuring and provides strength. It raises your vibration to one of ‘Lightness of Being’. There is a strong Angelic presence contained within this spray, it is like being wrapped in the safety of an Angel’s embrace – nobody can get to you in there! With this spray, none may enter your space unless you have invited them. Whatever you feel life is throwing at you at the moment, spraying this into your aura/energy field will provide you with an etheric protection shield. Essential for those experiencing psychic attack. This spray can also be used in your home to protect your Sacred Space.

Gentle, light, reassuring – this is Light in a bottle!!

(The PROTECTOR is also part of our Therapists’ Kit - see KITS page for info)



Contains: organic Flower & Vibrational Essences with Copal resin, Cedar and Sage (the holy trinity of Pejuta Wakan).

This spray mist has been especially created for those who are sensitive to the smoke that burning Sacred Herbs creates. It is an alternative that can be used when Sacred Herbs are required for ritual or ceremonial purposes.

This blend honours the Sacred Herbs used by American Indians in different regions. Herbs which are known historically for their cleansing and protective energies.

It is handy for practitioners wanting to create ceremony or ritual in a room with smoke alarms.

(It is not meant to be used as a space clearing tool unless full ceremony/ritual procedures are followed).


A delightful pillow and room spray, creates the right ambience for good sleep. Full of natural ingredients and smells lovely! (Use with the essence for a fabulous night’s sleep).

Customer Feedback:

From: JC,Wales, UK

“We would not be without our “Sleep Easy” spray mist, especially when we are away. Each night I spray our pillows and we have a really good night’s sleep, wherever we are in the world!”


Reactivate your Soul Fire, get excited about your life. Helps water signs deal with fire energy.

Use at home too.

This spray mist ignites your Soul Fire from within.

It helps you to transmute this through all of your subtle bodies and physical Being. It will help you to remain grounded during a time that can initially make you feel very spacey due to the cosmic electricity that will be vibrating through you.

Your Soul Fire is re-activated when you are excited about your life and goals once more. We are being invited to fully embody our Soul Fire energy and share it with the world. The time for hiding away is over. If you have been feeling stuck, this spray mist will help you to get going again. If you are a water sign and you have been feeling washed out for ages, things will now start to change for you. This spray mist will help water signs especially to cope with the fire energy. (This also applies to those who have water anywhere in their chart).

It is also recommended that you use this spray mist in your home environment, it will help everyone else living there – including your pets – to cope with the strange new energies that have arrived. If you live on your own, use it to keep your entire personal space grounded and attuned to the Soul Fire energies.


Signs of life return to the Earth. Flowers and plants push their way up into the light and once more the land becomes a canopy of fresh, vibrant colour. Daffodils, tulips and other spring flowers nod in the warmer winds of Spring; once more reminding us that all is well, we have come through the Winter moons and the Circle of Life turns once more.

This spray mist is fresh floral, full of hope and promise. It will lighten any atmosphere and raise your Spirits. If you suffer from S.A.D. syndrome or just plain get down at this time of year, this spray mist will help you to lift yourself back into the light and partake in the beauty of Spring.

 Use as a room or aura spray.



This gorgeous Spray Mist evokes the earthy and floral scents of Summer.


The Essences in this spray mist help our auras to gently release what needs releasing. It keeps us grounded during the hot, high days of Summer, helping us to stay relaxed and able to appreciate the joys of this time of year.


Lovely to use for Summer Solstice celebrations (spray the aura of each participant).


Even if it’s raining, this lovely Spray Mist will fill your aura and environment with fragrant Summer energy that will uplift and inspire you.

Contains: A fabulous blend of organic Flower & Vibrational Essences including our special ‘Summer Solstice’ essence with Cedarwood and Rose absolute essential oils - smells gorgeous!



Keeps your aura clean & clear whilst travelling. Also clears your hotel room. Grounding, cleansing.

This lovely spray mist is a real buddy in a bottle when travelling. It will help you to stay centred and calm and to go with the flow of your journey, so that you can enjoy it. It is grounding and soothing and will help keep your aura/energy field clear of other people’s vibrations. It helps with that cooped-up feeling you get when you are travelling with lots of other people (and clears your aura of the germs that circulate in confined environments). It will also help you to settle into your room upon arrival. Enjoy your trip!



For those commuting on public transport and all kinds of travel. Instantly clears, freshens, and lightens.

Transform your home, office and environment and keep it clear of pollutants. Keep your personal energy field clear of sticky, negative energy. Fantastic for those commuting on public transport and for those who do a lot of travelling. Instantly clears, instantly freshens, making you feel lighter.


It is recommended to do this at the end of each day, and/or when you return from commuting or spending several hours in a city, busy, or crowded environment.



Protect your personal energy and personal space each day. Shield will last all day.



Will transmute anything! Extremely gentleand very effective. 

The VIOLET FLAME Spray Mist transmutes all negative and disharmonious energies through the powerful fire of its healing ray. Despite its incredible power, it is extremely gentle. You can let its soft, fragrant energy transmute anything that you no longer need.

This spray mist is particularly effective if other techniques have failed to shift dark/negative energies. (Sometimes these energies can be stubborn, preferring to stay stuck and earthbound causing mischief rather than moving on).


Each beautiful bottle also contains an amethyst and each order receives a specially channelled The Violet Flame Invocation for use with the spray mist.  


Connect to the Tree Spirits.


Improve your ability to be a bridge between the Cosmic

and the Earthly.

Trees are bridges between the Sky and Earth; they draw from both sources and are able to

transform what they gather for the benefit of all living Beings. They teach us how to become

bridges between the Earthly and the Cosmic and how to transform the energies that we

gather into something that can be of benefit to All. The wonderful earthy fragrance of this

spray mist will immediately link you into the teaching energies of the Standing People (trees)

so that you can become a Walking Tree.


This Spray Mist is a great meditation tool for attuning to Nature and Nature Spirits. It is also

very uplifting and grounding and will instantly lift your mood by helping you to feel

connected to All That Is. Smells fabulous too! 


There are times when we need the presence of a Warrior/ess to give us strength and to offer us sacred protection.

With all the strange things that have been going on lately,

coupled with the fluctuating energies, many are feeling the need for extra strength and



This Spray Mist contains a powerful blend of organic Flower and Vibrational Essences (from

our own range), sacred Herbs and Essential Oils especially chosen for their protective,

strengthening qualities.


Use in your aura and environment and feel the strength of this powerful plant medicine

as it wraps a veil of strength and protection around you.With all the strange things that have been going on lately,

coupled with the fluctuating energies, many are feeling the need for extra strength and



This Spray Mist contains a powerful blend of organic Flower and Vibrational Essences (from

our own range), sacred Herbs and Essential Oils especially chosen for their protective,

strengthening qualities.


Use in your aura and environment and feel the strength of this powerful plant medicine

as it wraps a veil of strength and protection around you. 

Also available as a SACRED OIL which can be used for anointing or worn as an Amulet.

Visit our Sacred Oils page FFI.


This Spray Mist provides a powerful veil of Witches’ protection around you which lasts all day. You can also use it to cast a Circle around yourself and your environment.

The Witches Friend range of products helps Witches (Wise Ones) to learn and practice their craft with safe boundaries and powerful plant protection.

(See also 'The WITCHES FRIEND' Essence on our Essences page and Power Oil on our Sacred Oils page. Full Kit available with discount on our Kits page).


Supports you, ensures that everyone feels calm yet celebratory. Use as often as you like!


Supports you when you need to stay on track.

After any setbacks you can enjoy slow and steady progress.  Wood Sheep reactivates your Soul’s purpose.

This delightful Spray Mist will help you to stay on track. When things get a little rocky the Goat aspect will enable you to remain agile whatever the situation. Ram is your guardian this year and offers his power as and when needed, whether that’s to stop you butting heads or to help you to make a break through.


This blend also includes our ‘Creativity’ essence as Sheep supports creative endeavours and encourages art and beauty. As well as a selection of our Healing essences to help you heal the past so that you can make steady progress forward.


This Spray Mist will help you to fulfill your Soul’s purpose with confidence.

Full Definition/information supplied with each Wood SHEEP Spray Mist.