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It's a brave new year!

Avoid making the big mistake most people make at New Year by

knowing the energies of the coming year and the personal energy

you are being gifted with this year, in order to help you navigate

the year ahead with sucess


Includes detailed report (information/affirmations and more)

plus a product from our range to support you on the journey of your year

Find out what personal energy you are being gifted with

for the coming year

Find out what energies you will need to navigate this year

Receive detailed information about the energies relevant to you and your life this year

(report lasts from your birthday this year to your birthday next year)

When you understand the energies you are dealing with

you can better navigate your life throughout the coming year

I create a Sacred Space that is dedicated to you and attune to you and your Higher Self. I then combine ancient Eastern sciences and modern Western techniques to bring you a reading of the energies that you personally, are being gifted with over the coming year as well as information about the energies for this year that you will be dealing with. This is all combined in a detailed report prepared just for you, as well as a product from our range that will help to support you on your journey of the year.

My area of expertise is Energy Medicine, and I work with all types and levels of energy in all areas of life and dimensions. I now combine over 35 years experience to bring you your Personal Year Profile.


You will also receive a one card reading

included in your report

UK only

PYP + Product


 From another country? Contact us for shipping costs


are detailed below in the following order:-



NUMEROLOGY - Year Ahead Forecast, Personal Forecasts and Relationship Reports

"Elly's intuition enables her to sense people's real needs - not necessarily their perceived needs. Her loving and supportive approach ensures that what she says or offers can always be taken in the right way, with the certainty that she is only pursuing other people's best interests, and not her own agenda. She has rare and precious gifts, and loves to use them to help others on their pathway."

– From: Tony Richardson, UK, (Healer, Therapist and EcoWarrior)


- Bespoke Essence Formulas

from our Flower Essence Repertoire of over 300 GRASSDANCER Essences and

another 250 Essences from around the world.

These formulas take several hours to prepare and complete. We create a completely new, unique essence for the individual that is tailor-made especially for them and their situation.

As well as a month’s supply of essences, the Client also receives a detailed Report containing full information about the formula and what it is for, detailed Dosage Instructions and how to care for your Essences. The Report may also contain (if relevant) extra information such as nutritional advice, motivational techniques, affirmations and sometimes channelled messages.

Distance consultations available via 'phone or e-mail.

Cost: GB £75 (USA see below)

Personal Essence Prescription


Other BESPOKE FORMULAS available: Children’s, Pets, Post-Operative, Travel.

Please contact us for more details about these.

* Please Note: All Bespoke formulas require a consultation first (in person if local, or by ‘phone and/or e-mail). All products are supplied with dosage instructions, care instructions and further information.

Some feedback from Clients who have had Personalised Prescription formulas:-

“Elly is an intuitive who is able to work remotely from her clients. She has the ability to attune to the person she is creating essences for with an uncanny ability to see straight to the heart of the matter, and to put together a formula that will support everything that is going on. All of this is done with a great deal of love, respect and compassion for the journey and sacred space of the individual.” -- Stephanie Salzman, USA

From: HZ, Sussex, England (Healer and Medium)

“GRASSDANCER Vibrational Essences are highly in tune with the environment. The personalised dosage formulas are highly attuned to the individual and I highly recommend them! Continued blessings for your work.”

from Angela Chandler (Therapist),England, UK


From: JT, Devon, England

“Many thanks for the parcel of essences that arrived on Saturday. Things are starting to feel good now after the last six months of my life when everything felt like it was crashing around my ears, I have never been so low in my life before. I can now start to see a positive future for me again. Once again many thanks for your essences and your kind words, it is much appreciated. Love & Blessings.”


Is life getting on top of you?

Do your problems seem insurmountable?

Do you feel overwhelmed by life?

Or do you just a need a helping hand?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time for ……  


This is a one-to-one telephone consultation wherever you are in the world.

Whatever the problem, together we will find a solution.

Using a wide variety of therapeutic, healing and intuitive techniques this unique, tailormade consultation is created exclusively for you, targeting the problem and providing solutions.

As well as the telephone session, you will also receive a detailed Report, as well as an Essence from our range that best suits your situation to support you after your session.  

Duration: 45 minutes

DISTANCE CONSULTATION by 'phone or Skype available

1-2-1 with products and report

SET Session

"Wow Elly, thank you for an amazing session. Thank you for helping me. During the session I had a massive healing breakthrough by finding the block that has been holding me back ALL of my life (and which has continually sabotaged my life up until now). I feel free for the time time in my life and I am actually excited about my future. Thanks for the essence which has helped keep me on track and your great follow-up support." -- From: JJ, England, UK

“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and for all your energy. You are a beautiful soul Elly and I thank you from my heart for being in my life. YOU have been a superb help on my journey and I thank you from my heart. I am making massive changes and amazed at the results already!! And thank you for the beautiful essences – the energy vibration is just superb! Thank you for all your gorgeous support and love and faith in me, I thank you all from my heart. xxxx ♥" – From: Jolene Setterfield, Visionary, Teacher, published Author of ‘The Reminder Cards’

"So wise and light filled. I love Elly and all her magical blessings, she's the real thing."

– Alyssa Couture, Artist, USA

“I want to thank you for our 1-2-1 session, and for linking up our energies together, as the advice you gave me was invaluable, you showed me the picture as a whole. You sure are a Gorgeous Goddess, and with your wisdom you have shown me how to become much lighter and more positive. Each day I do as you showed me, and take the essence you sent which has helped me so much. “I am so glad I had the 1-2-1 consultation with you. It helped to unburden me no end.” – From: S. Reeve, UK (Poet)


The date and time that you choose to appear on this Earth, as well as the name that you are given, are all part of your personal Blueprint for your life. Find out how this can be of benefit to you as well as what to avoid through Numerology, one of the oldest sciences on our planet.

A Sacred Space is set up and dedicated just for you.

It then takes several hours to work out and collate the information for you,

which is then typed up and presented in a printed report.

Time is then spent attuning to you for the selection of your Essence (where relevant). 


Find out what the year ahead has in store for you, with this detailed report which is valid from your birthday this year right through to next year.

Includes a Product from our range selected especially to help support you throughout the year.

An ideal birthday gift.

Product and detailed personal Report for the year ahead

NUMEROLOGY Year Ahead Forecast

USA $150(includes shipping)


A very detailed report which covers all aspects of your Natal Numerology using a variety of different numerology techniques.

You will receive a highly detailed Personality Profile that you will be able to refer to for many years to come.

You will learn about what you came here to learn and how to avoid the pitfalls and harder lessons that life can sometimes present.

Also includes Year Ahead Forecast

And a Product from our range that has been personally selected for you to support you. 

Product/s, detailed Report plus Year Ahead


USA $200

“Wow, Elly, thank you so much for this, it is very spooky and uncanny in places!!!!!!!!

I have read and re-read this document, and it provides a source of inspiration and grounding for me, it couldn't have come at a better time. I am so very grateful Elly, I cannot tell you, I feel that I need to address some issues, and I think this will help me to do so (and I amazed at what you picked up about my middle names!).

Thank you, thank you.” -- From: RM, England, UK


Every relationship has certain dynamics. It is useful to know what the pros and cons are regarding the relationship you are in (or thinking of starting). Using a variety of numerology techniques you will receive a detailed report which will be a useful guide to you throughout your relationship. 



USA $135



Sacred Space


Space Clearing

Intuitive FENG SHUI Consultations

Focusing on Health, Harmony, Happiness and Success

- Feng Shui consultations

- Geopathic Stress surveys and advice

- Space Clearing

- Creating Sacred Space

- Clearing Entities

Create sacred space in your home.

Bring harmony into your environment.

Balance the energies to attract the positive into your life.

I do not need to visit your property to be able to help. Many of my clients are in Europe and the USA and have been very happy in the way I have helped them.

Fees vary and are dependant upon what is required

please contact us FFI

“You offer such a brilliant and caring service.” – A. Chandler, UK

"It was great speaking to you, I feel more positive about some of the issues we spoke about. Thank you for the detailed report and lovely products. We have been following the guidance in your report (thanks too for the great e-mail support since our session) and already things are improving. In fact since putting them in place, I have received an award! (Company Women of the Year Award 'Against All Odds'with my company Thank you so much". -- Marie Holliday, Spain

“Thank you so much Elly - you're a life saver! We did as you suggested and my recently redundant husband received three job offers in one week, each one better than the last!” – Sue Reeve, UK

“At last, it has all fallen into place. Our deepest wish has been answered, our children have finally arrived! Over the last 3 months – everything seemed to fall into place with no effort at all, so it is obviously meant to be. Thank you for the Feng Shui tips & other advice. I think once I let go – like you tried to tell me - I became bored of waiting in the end and ‘zoned out’ that’s when things really stared to happen. Thanks again for all your help.

-- Jo Murphy C, UK

"Thank you for your help with the entity clearing. Since our session things have been much calmer in the house, everything feels much more settled and lighter. Thank you for the spray mist you sent, that has definitely helped." -- Mrs T Keller, UK

Transformation 1 day Personal Retreat



Tailored to your personal needs and situation.

Using a variety of techniques including

ceremony and ritual.

Unique, healing, transformational.

One day personal retreat £395

(Includes overnight en-suite accommodation, breakfast, lunch and refreshments as well as products and techniques for you to take home to support you after your retreat).

"Thank you for your help, I have finally been able to unhook my ex. The rituals you did for me were very special and I feel as if I have been reborn. And the products you gave me are fantastic! Thank you again." TJ, England, UK


Ceremonies, shamanic healing, trance dance, transformation work and more - designed for the needs and purposes of your goup. Includes space clearing and creating sacred space. (Details on request)

Please ensure that you have read our Legal Bits page before booking any services or therapies.