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KITS, Special Collections and SETS

New! PHOENIX kit










TOTAL ECLIPSE of the SUN Special Series


Abundance Flow Kit

All you need to keep Abundance flowing in your life

helps you to become receptive to

abundance energy and aligned with

the Law of Attraction in a positive way



Brings gorgeous fragrant abundance energy into your Aura

and environment

ESSENCE (15ml)

Replaces panic and fear with courage and faith. Links you to higher Universal abundance.


The top ten Affirmations that have always worked for me over the years


To help abundance to flow in a practical way.


(published in national and on-line press)

Full of tips to help you keep the abundance energy flowing.

50ml Spray Mist, 15ml Essence, Affirmations, Feng Shui Tips


  USA - $55 (includes shipping USA)


Products for pregnancy and birth

Full instructions supplied with each product

Visit our TESTMONIALS page to see why our Clients love these products

BIRTHING BUDDY15ml essence

Calming, reassuring, helps to keep you centred.

A combination of essences that has been designed especially for women in labour. It is calming and reassuring. It will ease any tension and help to keep you centred and focused during this incredible experience

With so much happening on the physical level, and the range of emotions that occur, this essence will help to keep things calm and help you to stay focused, encouraging a fully wholistic experience. Use in the days leading up to and during labour.


£11.95(includes p&p)


 $18 (includes shipping)

BIRTHING BUDDY 50ml Spray Mist 

This lovely spray mist fills the room and your environment with calm and reassurance, this in turn filters through to all those present in the room/environment.

This spray mist has been especially designed for women in labour. With so much happening on the physical level, it helps to calm things on the emotional level, encouraging a fully wholistic experience. Midwives love it. Smells fab too!

BIRTHING BUDDY 50ml Spray Mist

  £15.50(includes p&p)

BIRTHING BUDDY 50ml Spray Mist

$26.00(includes shipping)

OR BUY BOTH and save £1/ $2 !

BIRTHING BUDDY KIT A(15ml Essence and 50ml Spray Mist)


£26.45(includes p&p)


$43.00 (includes shipping)


Post Natal care for Mother and Baby

full instructions supplied with each product

For MUM - BABY BLISS15ml Essence

This combination of original vibrational essences helps you to integrate the amazing, massive experience you have just been through. It helps you to adapt to your new circumstances. It ensures that any parts of your energy field that have been scattered through the birth experience, are re-grouped and gathered back in, ensuring that you are fully restored. This formula contains essences especially for women, which help with any wobbles you may be experiencing as your system starts to settle back to its normal hormonal rhythm.

BABY BLISS 15ml Essence

 £11.95 15ml Essence (includes p&p)

BABY BLISS 15ml Essence

$18.00 15ml Essence (includes shipping)

For BABY - BABY BLISS 50ml Spray Mist

This lovely gentle Spray Mist contains a collection of essences that will help your baby settle into being here. It is reassuring and balancing, and is particularly helpful for settling any birth trauma. Enhanced with pure essential oils of White Bark Spruce,

Frankincense and May Chang, simply spray around baby’s room and above baby’s cot each night.


£15.50 50ml spray mist (includes p&p)

BABY BLISS 50ml Spray Mist

 $26.00 50ml spray mist (includes shipping)

OR BUY BOTH and save £1/ $2 !

BABY BLISS KIT (50ml Spray Mist and 15ml Essence)


£26.45 (includes p&p)


$43.00 (includes shipping)

Bug Off! Kit

Keep those Bugs at bay!

Kit contains Spray Mist, Rollette and Instruction leaflet

Bug Off! Spray Mist (50ml)

This delightful Spray Mist puts a veil of protection around you.

Contains: organic Flower & Vibrational Essences, Essential Oils

and Herbal Oils. Held in water and a small amount of alcohol (natural preservative)

Presented in a 50ml coloured glass bottle with natural atomiser spray and clear cap

Bug Off! Oil (10ml roulette)

This pleasantly fragranced oil is light, easily absorbed and not greasy.

The fragrance is pleasant to us but off-putting to insects.

Contains: organic Flower & Vibrational Essences, Essential Oils,

Flower Oils and Herbal Oils in a coconut oil base.

Presented in coloured glass bottle with roulette dispenser and screw-on cap.

Instruction Leaflet

How to use products - plus

Useful Tips to keep Critters Away

£25 (excluding P&P) UK only

50ml Spray Mist + 10ml Rollette

Bug Off! Kit


Charge your Dreams and your energy

Gets you off your butt and manifesting your dreams

It’s time to turn those day dreams into reality, to truly believe in you and your dreams and make them happen. This is a powerful essence combo that will push you into getting off your backside and taking the action necessary to make your dreams come true. Are you ready for this, or would you rather keep talking endlessly about your dreams and what you want to do? Well, it is time to get out there and do it!  

The Essence will support you all the way. It will boost your confidence and self esteem, it will give you the energy to get motivated and stay motivated, it will push you through procrastination and it will ensure your creativity keeps flowing. Come on Day Dream Believer, it’s time to believe in your dreams and make them happen today. A few drops in water is all you need.

Day Dream Believer is just what you need when you are ready to get going on your dreams, it will support you all the way. The Spray Mist will charge your aura and the atmosphere around you to create the ideal environment for you to work in when making your dreams a reality. It will boost and motivate you.

Are you ready for this, or would you rather just keep talking endlessly about your dreams and what you want to do? Well, it is time to get out there and do it! Make those precious dreams come true. 

Full instructions and information provided with each product


HEALING HEART 30ml Essence

A loving blend of organic Flower & Vibrational Essences especially chosen to

help your emotionally bruised heart/heart chakra to feel safe, reassured and

loved once more. A few drops in water helps to steady your emotions and provides subtle energy loving support. Spiritual healing energies have also been put into each bottle giving it a beautiful, high vibration energy.

HEALING HEART Sacred Oil (10ml rollette)

A delicately fragranced blend of organic Flower & Vibrational Essences, Herbal oils, exquisite essential oils and high vibrational energy to help soothe and reassure your beautiful heart/heart chakra area.  

Supporting and healing the subtle energy levels helps all levels


 £28.00 (includes discount for buying both + p&p UK)


50ml Spray Mist and 15ml Essence


This is fantastic for those who are going through a rebirthing process.

Phoenix helps you to let go of your past, embrace your present and step confidently into your future.

It helps you to come into full alignment and helps you to stay grounded.

It supports you emotionally as you may be feeling a bit vulnerable at first.

It helps you to transition effortlessly and easily into your newly regenerated Phoenix self with confidence.

There is an Essence to support you on the inside


a Spray Mist to support you on the outside 

(The Spray Mist also protects your aura and chakras whilst you are going through

this sensitive process).

Full information and instructions provided

PHOENIX Kit (50ml Spray Mist + 15ml Essence)

£23.95 (including p&p UK)

PHOENIX Kit (50ml Spray Mist + 15ml Essence)

$58 (includes shipping)



Everything you need to keep your personal energy and

work space clear and protected from unnecessary energies

The Kits contain Spray Mists that will protect your aura (personal energy field) and environment ('The Protector'), also cleanse your aura from any unwanted energies that may have been projected and cleanse your environment so that nothing lingers ('The Cleanser'). In Kit B the extra Spray Mist, 'Angels of Joy' is used after cleansing your space before starting, as it brings in the protection, help and wonderful energies of the angelic realm.

The Essences 'e.r.' and 'Instant Support' are fantastic for helping those clients who have had a really deep experience or release, to gently ground their session and integrate it so that they are safe to drive home again. The Essences can also be used in emergency situations.

Full information supplied with each Kit.

KIT A - Contains: 2 Spray Mists ('The Cleanser' and 'The Protector') and 1 Essence ('e.r.' - Essence Rescue)


£41(includes p&p UK only) outside UK please contact us for shipping costs

KIT B - Contains: 3 Spray Mists ('Angels of Joy', 'The Cleanser' and 'The Protector') and 2 Essences ('e.r.' and 'Instant Support').


 £68(includes p&p UK only) outside UK please contact us for shipping costs

Each Kit comes with full instructions and information.

Products are available to buy separately - visit our ESSENCES and SPRAY MISTS pages - however, by buying the Kit/s you save money!


Special Series

Eclipse #1

Environmental/Energy Essence


This essence keeps your feet on the ground. You need to be grounded in order to manifest your dreams. This essence puts you back into your boots, it stops you going “off”, playing space cadet or being “away with the fairies”! Powerful and grounding, it pulls you straight down into your sacral and base chakras. It gives instant vertical alignment. 

In shamanic terms, this essence carries Bear medicine in a big way! You can feel the protection of this big bear energy. There is a no nonsense feel to this essence. It is as if Grandmother Bear has caught you by the ankles, yanked you back down to Earth and said “now get on with it”!

You are so protected when you use this essence. You will be able to cope with 3D ‘reality’ and view it with new eyes, with sharper focus and enhanced clarity.

Eclipse #2

Environmental/Energy Essence

Higher Light

So gentle. You can feel it in your heart, it is like being given a loving hug from behind by a serene, strong, gentle presence. Your whole physical body relaxes, feelings of peace and bliss wash through you. You are instantly linked with the presence of the Angels and Higher Beings who are always with you. You can feel them stepping close to you, to remind you that they are there for you at all times. It is safe to relax in their embrace, opening yourself up to the healing rays of light that now enter your energy field. First blue, then white, then gold. When the healing light process is complete, you will feel the integration happen. It is like the top and bottom halves of your body clicking together. You will be properly integrated and balanced. You are now able to merge the spiritual with the physical in a balanced, loving yet powerful way.

This essence has a high, fine frequency and, in shamanic terms, is linked to the “Sky Dwellers”. This essence reminds you that you are an Angel walking the Earth. Radiate this loving angelic presence out to all you meet. It will emanate outwards through your aura touching everyone you come into contact with. You will find that people start responding to you in a different way.

Eclipse #3

Environmental/Energy Essence combo

Dance of the Sun and Moon

If you have really been going through it on your personal journey, with intense processing, this essence offers gentle integration that is as soft as an Angel stroking your face with its downy wings. You achieve vertical and horizontal alignment in a graceful, easy manner and are able to go about your day-to-day life in a well balanced, blissful way. Aware of the Divine Presence within, anchored in the safety and protection of the physical, and emanating radiance through your aura to all you come into contact with.

A useful tool to have whatever therapy or pathway you may be on. For use after courses, workshops, retreats, or any other type of expansion experience, as it facilitates integration of the new expansion in a gentle way.

There is also a deeper effect and benefit from this essence. Bearing in mind the powerful event of the Total Eclipse, we have been given an incredible gift through this essence to achieve the balance of true inner partnership. It is time for us to walk our talk and live, be and love in true partnership as way-showers for all those who follow our trail.

This Series of Essences has also proven very popular with therapists who have had powerful results with their clients. 

N.B. If you are an advanced Energy Practitioner and/or very experienced with shamanic journeying, there is a 4th Essence which completes this set. 'Timestream' which helps you to travel between past, present and future and bring the knowledge back to share with others. Sorry - not suitable for beginners or those without experience.

Please contact me FFI.

TOTAL ECLIPSE of the SUN Special Series (3 x 15ml Essences) £26.85 (save £3) 

3 cx 15ml Essence collection

TOTAL ECLIPSE of the SUN Special Series
TOTAL ECLIPSE of the SUN Special Series Essences

  USA - $70 (you save $6 + includes shipping)


SPRAY MIST - Essence - New! Power Rollette

A friend of all ‘witches’, the spray mist and (new) Power Rollette contain our new ingredient, Rowan Berry oil for extra protection. Those that may feel drawn to you will only be able to go so far before they feel the forcefield of witches’ protection that is around you. Then they will realise that you need to be approached with respect. The spray mist provides a veil of witches protection around you.

The Witches Friend essence enhances your ability to become a receiver/high frequency channeller and transmitter/broadcaster. It enables you to experience messages from all the kingdoms around you and beyond. These transmissions are received way out in the cosmos by other planets.

This formula brings balance and strength and reminds you of the great inner power that you have. It helps you to achieve balance regarding attracting/repelling so that you are protected in all your manifestations.

The new Power Rollette helps you to absorb the magical properties of this formula in a gentle way through your skin. Use on power points, chakras and psychic doorway.

Message from the Essence:

 “We give you ‘The Witches Friend’ ….anything she (the Witch) needed to know she would come to us and we would relay all that she needed to know. We help you to connect to the God aspect of the Self, clearing Third Eye blockages and re-linking you to your spirituality in a gentle, grounded way. Our message to you is: -

Do not be afraid.

Do not be afraid to be seen.

Do not be afraid to be known for the work that you do.

(you have much to offer and much to share).

Be of good cheer and stout heart.

Listen to your heart.

Keep your third eye clear.

Stay grounded and listen to the guidance from your Earth Mother

And All Will Be Well”

(The essence can also be used for treating disorders and imbalances of the Third Eye, and for casting out demons/entities etc).


Buy The WITCHES FRIEND KIT £42 (you save £2.45)

Kit includes all three products – offer ends October 31st 2012.


The WITCHES FRIEND 50ml Spray Mist

The WITCHES FRIEND Spray Mist presented in 50ml blue glass bottle with natural atomiser and clear cap. £15.50

The WITCHES FRIEND 15ml Essence

The WITCHES FRIEND Essence presented in 15ml blue glass bottle with glass pipette and rubber dome top. £11.95  

The WITCHES FRIEND Power Rollette 15ml

The WITCHES FRIEND Power Rollette presented in 15ml coloured glass bottle with rollerball dispenser and silver cap. £17.00 

Full instructions provided with each product / Kit.